Chloe Delevingne hosts a party at Angels


This was one of the best stag parties we’ve ever had at Angels

34 gorgeous women, some of them top models, with just two guys, the stag and his best man.

The night was hosted by Chloe Delevingue, sister of Cara and Poppy, but as for the stag – well he must reamin anonymous… as we say… Angels is not a private club, but a club for private people!

Enough to say they had a fantastic time, in privacy in the Leopard Room.

Sadly Prince Harry couldn’t make it, but he would have loved it!


Nicky Clarke in Angels


Superstar hairdresser and good friend of mine Nicky Clarke, with his beautiful fiancé Kelly, call into Angels for a drink and a chat about my new hair style… after all he was the one that cut it on the TV show ‘Loose Women’.

Here are two photos one (above) where NICKY is posing and one (below) where I’m nipping his ass!


David Bowie


So sad to hear the news of yet another rock legend, David Bowie, passing away.

The news reminded me of the time I first met him back around 1969 when I had been invited by Stevie Marriott to introduce his new band Humble Pie that he’d formed with Peter Frampton of The Herd.

This was one of three gigs, the first being at a theatre in Leeds, the second in Liverpool and I cannot remember which city the third was held in! (Maybe you can?!)

These concerts were being supported by David Bowie, who at this point was almost unknown.

This may very well have been his first concert appearance.

When I introduced him to the audience, his first record, Space Oddity, had just entered the charts.

The audience had come to hear the new heavier rock sound of Humble Pie, but instead they got a softer, almost folksier act from David Bowie.

He got up on the stage in a black polo neck, just him and a guitar. He told the audience he wasn’t used to playing to so many people and asked them to be kind!

But of course he won the crowd over, and after that, as they say, the rest is history.

RIP David.

Motorhead’s Lemmy passes away


(Picture: Lemmy, me and my rock chick – now wife – Bella.. and is that Toby Young in the background?)

A rock legend and a good friend passes on – the one and only Lemmy has died. Too sad for words! From now on a “Jack Daniels and Coke” will now be known as a “Lemmy” at Stringfellows.

A regular at Stringfellows since the 80s and at Angels since it opened – Lemmy was truly a unique person – truly a one off!

Miss you already Lemmy

Here’s some other good pictures from the club:





Great company, actually!

His band might be called Bad Company but the rock legend that is Brian Howe is anything but!

He joined me the other night in Angels and here we are before we enjoyed a wonderful meal from my super talented chefs!


Cilla Black with her good friend Pete Price

(Picture: Cilla Black and Pete Price)

How terribly terribly sad that we have lost Cilla Black.

Cilla had more history with Stringfellows but she did visit Angels two years ago with her very good friend radio superstar DJ Pete Price.

They came in having drunk lots of champagne and continued drinking it (with my compliments of course) and then Cilla thought it would be a great idea to jump up on one of the stages and twirl around the pole.

And she just about managed to do it, before Pete Price and my Club Director Julian Russell gently talked her out of it – now that would have been the photograph of the century.

Dame Cilla Black – a wonderful person, a fabulous star – and a fun friend.

There will never be another you.

London’s future business and political elite at Angels!


As everybody must know I am great believer in academic excellence.

And to prove my point, here are five of my new friends who had never previously been to Stringfellows or Angels before.

Left to right, Michael, Daniel, Akeel, Me, Sasha and Roberto

Two of these five bright young minds are first and second generation immigrants.

Three on the left from Nottingham. Two on the right, Oxford.

Two studying business, one on his way to being a hedge fund manager, another one is a historian and Roberto is seemingly heading for a future cabinet position, who knows – maybe a future PM?

So there you are, the future of the UK is in safe hands! And these brilliant young men are just some of the many reasons that London is the most exciting city in the world.

PS Why are all smart guys taller than me?

Mötley Crüe – rock royalty in Angels


I have met many many rock stars over the years and it is always a pleasure to be in the company of yet another legendary rocker, Mötley Crüe’s front man Vince Neil.

We had a great conversation talking about the fact that there didn’t appear to be any great new up and coming rock bands and it seems like all the best stuff is still coming from the old rockers.

Stopping over in London he visited Stringfellows on Saturday and also had dinner in Angels last night.

His lovely girlfriend Rain was there, and of course I had my beautiful wife Bella with me.

We played plenty of Mötley Crüe, all the biggest hits, and the one that is played in both clubs every night and is the anthem of all gentlemen’s clubs around the world – Girls Girls Girls

He had some great stories to tell – about all his rocker mates – from Steve Tyler of Aerosmith through to Bon Jovi – of course he knows just about every rocker going, but the funniest story he told was the time he met Frank Sinatra. I can’t tell you the story, but take it from me it was hilarious.

The only story of mine that could trump his was my meeting for the first time with Jimmy Hendrix. Vince couldn’t follow one that because at the time he was only six years old!

Vince tells me this is their last world tour and then they are splitting up.

Whatever happens we have a personal invitation to the main show in Wembley in November.

Russell is a chip of the ol’ block


What a fantastic 9th birthday party we had last night.

Packed full from the word go, the girls looked sensational – and it was one brilliant party.

One of the celebrities was none other than Russell Brand’s father, Ronnie Brand who sat in front of the stage all night!

Last time Ronnie was in Angels was for Russell’s stag party.

Not only does he look like Russell, the girls though he was just as funny too.