Best Gentlemen’s Club 2015 Award!

Last night Angels picked up “Best Gentlemen’s Club 2015″ at the world famous and prestigious London Club and Bar Awards.

This is a huge industry event held at the Grand Ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, and attended by London’s nightlife elite.

This award is following tradition – Stringfellows has picked up many top awards including Top Gentlemen’s Club and I personally have had at least three awards I can remember,
including my Lifetime Achievement Award.

So it was great to see our amazing club Angels get the award on this occasion.

Scott Stringfellow and General Manager of Angels Nadine Basko went on stage with four of our top dancers to accept the accolade.

These are recognised international awards and and confirm what we already know – that Stringfellows and Angels really are the best gentlemen’s clubs in the world.


Rather Be at Angels!


Would you believe it – look who popped into Angels – our lovely Grace Chatto who is now a pop superstar with her band Clean Bandit, topping the charts, sweeping up Grammys and Ivor Novello awards.

And here’s the fun bit – Grace wanted to get on stage, so we let her and it brought the house down! And of course we played her international chart topper “Rather Be”.

She got a great round of appluause from all the guys in the club.

Congratulations on your new stardom Grace – all our girls are so happy for you and think you are a true star and so do I.

A lovely trio of Coconuts


If you are like me a big fan of Kid Creole & The Coconuts, here is a great photo of The Coconuts themselves, who popped in to Angels last night.

They brought a fun party of guys with them and partied with the dancers and of course we played all their big hits.

They told me that Kid Creole is on yet another world tour.

Normally they would go to Stringfellows but decided to try out Angels and are now BIG fans of Angels!

And yes I did send Champagne over. Boy those girls can drink!

Showbiz Legends!

Russell Brand's stag party

Whenever I read the newspapers or watch the news on the TV, it always seems like all the big names that keep coming up have been to one of my clubs at one time or another.

For instance Russell Brand, currently promoting his book Revolution, held his stag party at Stringfellows. As you know he got married to Katy Perry, now sadly divorced.

And then of course there is Jonathan Ross – riding high in TV rankings with his chat show on ITV, who was also in attendance at Russell’s party.

Not forgetting James Corden, another guest at the party, who is now one of the biggest stars in the USA, taking over from Craig Ferguson on the The Late Late Show.

David Walliams was there in happier times, now sadly having a few problems with his relationship with Lara Stone, hopefully they’ll stay together.

Noel Gallagher, who is flying high yet again with his band High Flying Birds, has been on a couple of occasions to Angels – but still we haven’t seen Liam.


Here’s a little known fact: ACDC, one of the most famous rock bands in the world, once booked Angels for an afternoon press function. I bet you didn’t know that.

I’m a Celebrity – Michael Buerk and friends take the challenge


I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is back on TV.

And this year one of the big names on the show is my good friend, the world famous BBC News presenter Michael Buerk.

Michael invited me onto his programme called “Dispatches”, where I talked about my thoughts on about old age pensioners benefit and taxation. (And that’s because I am an OAP!)

Michael and I get on really well, the only thing that upsets me is that he had four or five honorary doctorates. Despite all my Oxford and Cambridge lectures I don’t even have one!

So why is he doing it, it’s obvious – he is having a late mid life crisis! When I had mine, I got married and had a baby! As the saying goes, “follow that!”

I am asked every year to join the programme which is very flattering – BUT – I really don’t think so!

I could do the helicopter jump and glide to the island – easy. And you can fling as many snakes at me and I’d cope. Or try to.

But the sheer possibility of being bitten by a mosquito, or having cockroaches crawl over me is something I just couldn’t contemplate.

I know many people have phobias but am I the only one with a mosquito phobia – and the mosquitos seem to know it!

Anyway back to the jungle.

Every year there is always someone on the show who is a member of Stringfellows and Angels and this year is no exception. Step forward Vicki Michelle from ‘All ‘Allo fame. And also on the show this year is one of my all time favorite sci-fi comedy actors – Craig Charles of Red Dwarf.

After years of being invited into the jungle – I have decided to set a challenge. I have let the producers know that I’ll go in the jungle – but only if they put Ant and Dec into the jungle camp too!

And while we’re at at it I think another great contestant would be my good friend Nicky Clarke. He’s an amazing hair stylist and a really good cook – and every so slightly a big girls blouse – so I know he’d be great fun.

Exclusive David Hayes news!


World champion boxing legend David Hayes has been a phenomenal celebrity supporter of Angels and Stringfellows over the years.

Well, here’s some exclusive news. David had a chat with me last week. Of course I always ask the obvious question “Any fights coming up?” And usually he just smiles and says nothing. Not this time!

This time I get an exclusive. “Yes Peter.. and it will be before the end of the year”.

So I said “Come on then David who are you going to be fighting?”. The answer was fabulous and typically David: “I don’t know his name, but some dumb guy whio is going to get beaten!”

Now here’s another exclusive.

Over at Angels I have a new little project coming up, named “The Leopard Room”, and David is going to be hosting the first private VIP party there.

I’ll let you know more about it nearer the time.

Sven, Angels and the Manchester United Manager Position!


No stranger to Angels is none other than Sven-Göran Eriksson. The other night I was teasing him, asking him if he’d be up for the next Manchester United manager position. Of course I was pulling his leg, but I’m not sure he realised I was joking.

After all he would be no stranger on the Intercity – having managed Manchester City in July 2007, Notts County (Director of Football) in 2009 and manager of Leicester City in 2010.

He came back at me with “And anyway which club do you support Peter?”

I replied “Whichever football team’s players were in my club last night!!” And believe it or not that is truth!

And it just so happens that we had some guys in from Leicester City, Sven’s old club the other night! So hey – this week I’m a Leicester City fan Sven!!

Kenneth Tindall, Bella and Peter


Living in London really is fantastic and for many reasons we see it as the centre of the universe – but for the Ballet world – it really is!

The Royal Opera House and The Coliseum are both just round the corner from Stringfellows.

My wife Bella danced for The Royal Ballet and The English National Ballet.

We visited The Royal Opera House last Friday to see a new ballet that was choreographed by her friend Kenneth Tindall. It is very avant-garde and a wonderful piece of pure innovative dance called “Luminous Junc•ture”.

This firmly positions Kenny as one of the top new choreographers in the ballet world!

After the show Kenny joined us for dinner in Stringfellows and then we finished the night in Angels.

Angels is Kenny’s favourite club!

Quentin and Peter discuss Classic Cars


I’m invited to appear on loads of TV shows but very rarely accept. However I did do “Top Gear” when I was invited by Jeremy Clarkson – and it was great fun.

It was seen all over the world and has been repeated numerous times.

You may have seen it – I was in my Porsche Carrera 4s and stopped to help Jeremy who was upside down in a Reliant 3 Wheeler (you know the one from Del Boy TV sitcom Only Fools and Horses)

Anyway this story is about Quentin Wilson and his new TV show called “Classic Cars!” Quentin of course starred with Jeremy on “Top Gear”.

I spent a fun afternoon in Angels talking with him about a few of the cars I’ve owned in the distant past a “Jenson Interceptor Mk 3 ” and a “Jaguar E Type V12″ – good memories and I’m sure Quentin’s new show will be a great success!

I’m so proud to have been invited to appear on his first show by Quentin himself.

By the way he is a long time member of Stringfellows – as is Jeremy!!

Here is Quentin sitting in one of my thrones!

Thanks for the mentions!


It really knocks me out when my name or my clubs get a mention on the nations top soap operas. And the more recent one was a personal plug for me on Eastenders the other day. And not for the first time either.

Other soap operas mentioning the club include Coronation Street, Hollyoaks… and then there’s the various TV dramas and numerous mentions on various political programmes and so on and so forth!

Thanks fellas!