David Bowie


So sad to hear the news of yet another rock legend, David Bowie, passing away.

The news reminded me of the time I first met him back around 1969 when I had been invited by Stevie Marriott to introduce his new band Humble Pie that he’d formed with Peter Frampton of The Herd.

This was one of three gigs, the first being at a theatre in Leeds, the second in Liverpool and I cannot remember which city the third was held in! (Maybe you can?!)

These concerts were being supported by David Bowie, who at this point was almost unknown.

This may very well have been his first concert appearance.

When I introduced him to the audience, his first record, Space Oddity, had just entered the charts.

The audience had come to hear the new heavier rock sound of Humble Pie, but instead they got a softer, almost folksier act from David Bowie.

He got up on the stage in a black polo neck, just him and a guitar. He told the audience he wasn’t used to playing to so many people and asked them to be kind!

But of course he won the crowd over, and after that, as they say, the rest is history.

RIP David.

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